A WIP.  I was looking for gesture reference and Bryan Konietzko posted this ridiculous video of him flailing around as reference for the animators of Avatar.  It was perfect! So I did a bunch and came to the last pose, which was hilarious.  I sketched the gesture, and then drew Korra over it.  It made me laugh so I drew Mako and Bolin (and Pabu) too.  It looked like this crazy dance poster, and my brain went into nonsense territory.  I kept going and the background/text was there.  (It’s sketchy but they’re standing on the topography of Avatar Land with the city in the background and the sun rising, clouds, etc). 

Every time I look at it I giggle like an idiot so I’m definitely gonna have to finish this one. :P (Need to fix some proportions, fine tune background details, etc… I’m thinking of just doing a flat, graphic-y look… we’ll see.  :D

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